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Thank you for visiting the website of CIK NanoTek. We are comprehensive manufacturer of ultrafine particle materials born in April 2009 by splitting of the ultrafine particle business of CI Kasei Co., Ltd. (present Takiron CI Corporation).
Since its establishment, we have aimed at a specialist group of ultrafine particle materials that can meet customer's needs by refining powder processing technologies such as manufacturing, material design, blending, surface treatment, and dispersion of ultrafine particle material "NanoTek®".
Currently, our products including ultrafine particle material "NanoTek®" were adopted for plastic products such as display device such as liquid crystal displays, smartphones etc., electronic parts, semiconductors and circuit board materials, automobiles, paints, functional films.
Business areas are expanding day by day.
In this way, we will introduce new technological innovations so that ultrafine particle material products with unlimited possibilities will lead to the development of society, and continue our efforts to create a future which is nice to human and the earth.
We appreciate your continued support in the future as well.

President and Representative Director
Tomoyuki Hiromatsu


December 1997 C.I Kasei Co., Ltd. contracted with Nanophase Technologies Corporation to manufacture and sale ultrafine particle material "NanoTek®".
February 1998 Announced ultrafine particle material "NanoTek®".
August 2005 C.I Kasei Co., Ltd. established a new factory in the Okayama factory, and transferred R&D and production departments from Ageo factory.
April 2009 C.I Kasei Co., Ltd. split Nanotek business and established CIK NanoTek corporation.
April 2017 Tarkion Co., Ltd. and C.I Kasei Co., Ltd. were integrated to CI Takiron Corporation. Then, CIK NanoTek became a member of the CI Takiron group.
April 2018 Transferred the head office from Chuo-ku to Minato-ku Tokyo