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Attention in the product use

Since this product is nanomaterial, please keep the notes as below when you handle.
And, 「Preventive action for preventing exposure against nanomaterials」 is issued by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, please follow this rule.


  1. Please handle product in the place which install regional or general ventilation.
  2. To prevent workers from exposing to nanomaterials, please equip the suitable respiratory protector, glasses, glove, or protective clothing.
  3. Please handle to restrain generation and diffusion of dust, if spilt, please wipe off with cleaner which install high efficiency filter, wet rag, or wet dust cloth.
  4. After work, please wash your hands and gargle thoroughly.
  5. Products and left industrial wastes must be enclosed with a bag and consigned to an industrial waste disposer for processing. Note that please state on the bag that nanomaterial is enclosed with a bag and contact to an industrial waste disposer.

First aid

  1. If inhaled, please go to the place with clean air and rest in a position to breathe easily
  2. If stuck on skin, please wash by soap or water and wash out by a large quantity of water.
  3. If entered to eye, please rinse eye and contact with a doctor.
  4. If swallowed accidentally, please gargle mouth and contact with a doctor.
  5. If felt other accident in you body, please get a checkup by a doctor.

Storage method

For keeping quality of products, please storage in the cool and ventilated place, and prevent the sunlight and raining.
And, don't storage in the very humid place or whereabouts of the organic gas.